Speaking at the New Earth Leadership Conference.

Ever since I posted about my experiences with ACORN, Soros and the radical left I have had a lot of new followers and people reaching out. I had plans to go off to the jungle in South America and ignore the world I saw crumbling around me. I realize now that was a spiritual bypass on my part. I had those experiences for a reason. I am here during this time for a reason. I am no longer afraid to use my voice and have slowly started engaging again. I am working on this website with all of my old and new research on the agenda of the radicals looking to divide and conquer. I have also started to once again accept speaking engagements. Below is a conference panel where I will share some of my insight and experiences.

My upcoming panel is during the New Earth Leadership Conference running June 22 – 26! From the organizers:

“This experience has been intentionally designed to expand you to lead, to serve, and to earn in bigger & bolder ways at this transitional time in humanity as conscious leaders.”

You can get a free ticket at thenewearthleadership.com

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