I had my warrior initiation today. We are about 2000 feet up in the Amazon jungle. I heard about the bullet ants here, but didn’t think I would get bit by one the very next day. Supposedly it’s the most painful insect bite on Earth. The pain was instant, excruciating and continuous for almost 8 hours. Despite the throbbing pain I still hiked about 250 feet up the side of a steep mountain and did Yoga, Qigong and meditated.It was a magical and painful day, but I did it, and received a feather, along with a plant stem in the shape of a fibonacci sequence, which is a naturally occurring spiral pattern that repeats itself in all life forms.

Those familiar with sacred geometry will understand. To the naked eye, plant life, for example, seems to grow randomly. But when observed closely, one can see this geometric sequence occur all throughout nature.

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