I am more than my trauma

Let’s talk about trauma for a second. It garners it strength in silence and shame. In the ego brain that worries about what others think or tells us we don’t need help. Sometimes that silence is rooted in physical or sexual trauma, and few like to talk about or let alone deal with that. Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is for the ego to admit to trauma. Especially the childhood kind that leaves its deep etches all over our brains. It manifests in addictions. This could be drugs, alcohol, food, work or even other people. It doesn’t matter, it’s all an escape mechanism.

The ego asks, what about our sense of identity, the mask we put on for the world? What about our sense of safety and security that comes from hiding? Identity and safety are ultimately illusions. Authenticity is freedom. We are all connected and our trauma, while unique to us, is sadly not unique to this world. As a survivor of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse I am surprised daily that I made it out. That I as high functioning as I am, but that silence still haunts me.

So today is a big F**k you to the ego brain, to the silence and shame that wants me to sit with it. That wants me to be a victim. I am not. I am also more than a survivor, I am a warrior and I see the other warriors here who brandish the power of light. Happy to be among you.

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